Our Story

created out of our passion

for new and exciting flavors

from around the world

Our Story

Every weekend for about a year, Neilly’s food owners went to the local farmer’s market to sell the small plates and sauces they had concocted throughout the week. Originally from Cameroon, they were accustomed to a multitude of flavors and wholesome food. In the States the encountered a few challenges, trying to recreate the culinary memories of their native land. Sure, they had no difficulties finding the usual Chinese or Italian dish or even some Latin or Caribbean dish at some independent grocery store in immigrant’s neighborhoods. But most of the products they found were a pale representation of the heritage they purported to represent. In additions, MSG, preservatives, and salt are often used as a source of flavors. Their choices were either eat what was available to them, or make the type of exciting and flavorful products they were accustomed to. They chose the latter. Small plates were prepared and packaged for consumption throughout the week to accommodate a busy professional lifestyle. Over time, these small plates and treats were shared among family and friends and friends of friends. Catering orders for individual families and parties started pouring in. Then it was the weekend trip to the local farmer’s market or the neighborhood local food show. Eventually, the couple committed to the endeavor by quitting jobs and careers and focusing exclusively to the idea of bringing convenience, flavors, and wellness to their community. Neilly’s Food was born. It is the expression of their passion for new and exciting flavors from around the world. “We get our inspiration from different regions of the world and we are excited to bring you these authentic andlively flavors of tropics, from Africa, to the Caribbean and the Latin world”. We have taken some of the most complex recipes from around the world and made them fun, easy, convenient and healthy food products.

Join us on this journey of discovery from the comfort your kitchen table and share with us the finest multicultural recipes that we have put together exclusively for you.

Our products are all natural, NO MSG and preservatives free


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