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Jane B.

Bought a bunch of the appetizers for a small party I was having. They were a hit but the the crowd favorite where the empanadas. They were so easy to make and delicious. Definitely will be buying again and I hope they come out with new flavor.


Bought the jambalaya looking for something new to try and it was well worth it!

A. Preston

The best part of the rice mixes are how easy it is. It doesn’t beat homemade but the convenience makes it totally worth it.


The coconut sauce adds great flavor to any dish. I like to add it into veggies or chicken.


The black bean stew is my go-to quick meal. It’s super fast to prepare but still tastes good

Kara D.

The peanut butter sauce is delicious. I usually put it on zoodles with chicken


I love the empanadas!! Both varieties are great. I always keep a box on hand for those nights when I’m too lazy to cook something!

M. Sinola

The Yuca Bites with Cheese are so good. They are just the right amount of cheesy.


Had this sent to my son who goes to school in Tallahassee and lives in an apt with no car. He was glad to have something to eat. I was glad I could send him healthy food.


Absolutely delicious!!! I always sautee some beef and put it with this rice in tortilla wraps with salsa and cream and it makes for a nice at home mexican dinner.

Barbara D.

Very good! Can be used as a side dish without meat, or you can add chicken if you prefer.

Kelsey M.

Delicious! I would eat instant naija jollof over homemade Ghana jollof any day of the week! ?


Saw this in a local store and could not resist trying it since it was on sale. Much to my surprise this actually turned out quite well – doesn’t compare to the taste of my homemade jollof but it’s also ridiculously foolproof and easy…literally add water and cook.

James F.

Hits the spot when you need some Jollof in an emergency.


Nothing replaces homemade Naija Jollof, but this will do in a pinch.